A.K.M. Infrastructure Construction has performed many advanced biological waste water treatment plants at home and abroad. Especially in Turkey, we have achieved a significant success, in that, we have built Kırşehir Advanced Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant with activated sludge system, which has low investment and operating costs compared to other conventional systems.

Kırşehir Wastewater Treatment Plant can be an example, with the operating costs lower than the existing facilities and need of fewer staff, Kırşehir Waste Water Treatment Plant has reached sustainable operation conditions. On the other hand, our company helps you by selection and supply of workshop and laboratory equipment, which a waste water treatment should have. We offer a fast and practical service.



A.K.M. Altyapı Ltd. Şti. is your experienced and reliable partner for water and waste water treatment worldwide: with highly effective technology, efficient process solutions and cooperative dialogue. With more than 30 years of practical and international experience in full design, supply, realization and commissioning of water and waste water treatment plants, our people are able to help in almost any situation. Our company has done many international treatment plant projects, 2008 built Kırşehir Waste Water Treatment Plant in Turkey and offered the newest technology to our country’s interest. Our company’s superior technology has proven itself in both academic and practical sense. The biggest problems of wastewater treatment plants are high operating costs and the shortage of qualified personnel, our technology makes these problems largely eliminated.

Our technology can offer full design and execution of process solutions for the entire plant configurations:

• Mechanical pre-treatment grit and grease removal
• High efficient fine bubble aeration systems
• Clarifier and settling equipment with sludge removal
• Filtration (Sand filter, cloth filter, membrane filter)
• UV Disinfection
• Sludge treatment and dewatering


The advantages of our technologies:

1. Low Investment Cost

Conventional waste water treatment plants are usually built from concrete. However concrete is not cost effective, the construction is time-consuming and expensive. Akm offers our clients the chance to use the fundamentally less costly earthen basin construction with HDPE-lining. • Longer lifetime than concrete: Concrete basins, especially if they are exposed to corrosive ground water or critical sewage, can be damaged seriously after just a few years. HDPE linings have been proven to be extremely durable and have sustained tightness for more than 30 years (for example in garbage landfills).


2. One basin

Traditional waste water treatment plants commonly are composed from several single concrete basins, which are linked by interconnecting pipework and sometimes even need a pumping station. The process requires only one basin module which is separated in several single treatment steps Consequently the clarifier is embedded as well into this module. The main advantages:

•Reduced footprint because of compact construction.
•Waste water is flowing by gravity through the single process steps. No interconnecting pipework.
•ABecause of direct wall connection to activated sludge basin, generally more inflow area.
•Low inflow and effluent velocities
•Undisturbed settling conditions for the mixed liquor.


3. High Efficiency Aeration Basin

Especially in aeration systems our partners Bioworks®, is the leading technology solution in this field OXIRISE® systems, OXIWORKS® diffuser is designed for our implementation needs the aeration system OXIWORKS® with OXIRISE® – field proven and tested, with a track record of highest quality and superior efficiency. This system is the floating and moving, fine bubble membrane aeration. This technology comes with a whole group of advantages:

oxygen transfer rates higher than those of comparable fixed installed aeration systems. A cluster of many small air bubbles has more transfer surface then fewer and bigger air bubbles, with the direct result of increased oxygen transfer rate into the water - an universal principle, which has made fine bubble membrane aeration the most efficient in comparison to all other systems.


4. Low Power Consumption

This advantage is boosted further more, when fine bubble diffusers are installed in the floating and moving aeration OXIWORKS® system. In contrast to conventional fixed aeration systems like surface or jet aeration, the OXIWORKS® diffuser can move easily and flexibly in the activated sludge basin, thus reaching zones with lower oxygen contents all the while having minimum energy consumption.


5. Easy Installation and Maintenance

• No need for fixation of the diffuser on the basin bottom. Anchor bolts or other fixations are not necessary,
• OXIWORKS® diffuser, are made solely by durable and corrosion proof plastics or high quality stainless steel. The membranes which produce the fine air bubbles are made from temperature- and acid resistant silicone. OXIWORKS® diffuser are in full compliance with the latest state of technology .
• In the case of diffuser maintenance, former floating aerations systems required the manual lifting of the diffuser from the boat, a difficult work because of the weight of the diffuser and the slippery hoses. With the new and patented OXIRISE® system, each single diffuser can be moved automatically by pneumatically lifting it to the water surface, where it can be easily inspected and cleaned or removed from the hoses and put into the boat, should maintenance on land be necessary.
•Only 2 screws have to be loosened to detach a diffuser tube from the OXI WORKS® diffuser assembly and to change a membrane. This is simple and swift. The basin doesn´t need to be emptied and the operation can continue. The aeration system OXIWORKS® with OXIRISE® offers a technological solution that combines high and durable quality with superior efficiency maintenance is as simple and effective as possible. energy efficiency is verifiably higher than those of comparable fixed installed aeration systems. O&M costs are reduced to a minimum.
• The aeration system OXIWORKS® with OXIRISE® offers a technological solution that combines high and durable quality with superior efficiency.


6. Low Operating Cost:

An important cost factor is the reliable and trouble-free operation of a treatment plant. Thus our services don´t stop with commissioning. We assist our clients with operation and monitoring and can provide consulting and training of the operating personnel. This enables the owner to operate his plant with best possible effluent results, low energy demand and in an effective and efficient way.