A.K.M. Altyapı İnşaat ve Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi is established in 1997, by abroad studied and experienced Professors. Our activities comprise design of drinking & waste water treatment systems, construction and operation & maintenance (O&M). Since 1997, A.K.M Alt Yapı is carrying out Projects especially abroad.

We got also the chance to offer our knowledge, experience and advanced technology for our country’s interest. Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Kırşehir is a treatment plant which is the first constructed plant trough our advanced biological system. This waste water treatment plant operates with long aerated activated sludge system has but many advantages compared to other waste water treatment plants in our country.

The plant has a special design and construction type. All the processes are compacted in a single rectangular basin module. Some of the advantages of this system are: reduced footprint because of compact design, significantly lower investment costs and time, no interconnecting pipe work, lower O&M costs, longer lifetime, etc. Operating cost is an important item, because, today, many treatment plants of our country don’t work due to high operating costs. Our central office is in Ankara. We carry out many national and international projects. AKM ALTYAPI can offer full design and supply of treatment systems, pumping stations and infrastructure. We always aim for the better solution this makes the difference between AKM and others.